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Bard Works is a week-long, career development series of workshops, panels, small group discussions, and individual mentoring sessions specifically designed for juniors and seniors at Bard. This program arms students with the set of skills necessary for searching and landing a job: writing an effective resume, knowing how to network, giving a convincing elevator pitch. In addition, Bard works helps students realize their potential as leaders, and entrepreneurs: generating ideas, testing them, and implementing them. Each student is paired with a mentor working in the student’s field of interest, or a closely related field.

I. Finding Your First Job

  • How to conduct a job search and find job opportunities
  • How internships prepare you for employment
  • Social media: how you present yourself to the world
  • Writing for a job search (communication skills and techniques)

II. Communication Skills

  • How to package and present yourself with confidence and poise
  • Preparing for interviews (elevator pitch, getting the interview, mock interviews, following up)
  • Individual mock interview sessions

III. Networking & Mentors

  • Learn the art of networking (connecting beyond social media and Google searches)
  • Role of social media for networking
  • Match students to a professional mentor with a shared interest for long-term guidance
  • Manage expectations and responsibilities for an effective mentor relationship
  • Establish guidelines for communication (verbal and written) and career shadowing

IV. Succeeding in Your First Job/Internship

  • Meeting workplace expectations (transitioning from college to the workplace)
  • Interacting with coworkers and your boss
  • Preparing for meetings and presentations
  • Expectations of written work, formal and informal communication
  • Financial literacy for independent living

V. Planning a Career After Your First Job

  • Directing your skills and interests to your passion and goals for the future
  • Explore your personality, interests, and values to connect to long-term career interests
  • Role of internships and volunteer positions
  • How to create opportunities for yourself