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Bard Works will utilize a conference-style series of workshops, panels, small group discussions, and individual counseling sessions that focus on getting a job, acquiring general career skills and strategies, plus networking and life skills:

I. Finding Your First Job

  • How to conduct a job search and find job opportunities
  • How internships prepare you for employment
  • Social media: how you present yourself to the world
  • Writing for a job search (communication skills and techniques)

II. Communication Skills

  • How to package and present yourself with confidence and poise
  • Preparing for interviews (elevator pitch, getting the interview, mock interviews, following up)
  • Individual mock interview sessions

III. Networking & Mentors

  • Learn the art of networking (connecting beyond social media and Google searches)
  • Role of social media for networking
  • Match students to a professional mentor with a shared interest for long-term guidance
  • Manage expectations and responsibilities for an effective mentor relationship
  • Establish guidelines for communication (verbal and written) and career shadowing

IV. Succeeding in Your First Job/Internship

  • Meeting workplace expectations (transitioning from college to the workplace)
  • Interacting with coworkers and your boss
  • Preparing for meetings and presentations
  • Expectations of written work, formal and informal communication
  • Financial literacy for independent living

V. Planning a Career After Your First Job

  • Directing your skills and interests to your passion and goals for the future
  • Explore your personality, interests, and values to connect to long-term career interests
  • Role of internships and volunteer positions
  • How to create opportunities for yourself